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Charleston Long Dress Influencer Zero George

photography by Nancy Pauline

With a constant wanderlust and desire to capture my surroundings, I often compile my travel-related footage into short little videos — or “reels”. These reels tell the story of my life living in Charleston as a 26 year old. Though I am based in one of the most popular destination cities in the country, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to venture out beyond the Lowcountry. There is so much to see out there!

Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, I graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Art + Design with a concentration in Fashion & Fibers. I was lucky enough to move to Charleston in 2020 and have called this beautiful city "home" for 4 years now. Emerson Harmon (the IG account) was created in 2023, and has evolved into a travel + lifestyle page. I love showcasing not only my travels, but my life in the most beautiful destination city as well.

On top of running Emerson Harmon, I also run a food page called Dine Charleston where you can find the best food recommendations for your next trip to The Holy City. And if you are local to Raleigh (my hometown) you can check out Dine Raleigh for an occasional post as well.

A little more about my professional background - I traveled around the country for almost two years with a local destination wedding planner and have worked in the wedding industry in various capacities since 2019. After my full-time wedding planning career wrapped up, I then explored marketing through the interior design industry, and had the privilege to capture some of the most beautiful homes in the Charleston area through video. Now, I freelance with brides/grooms, interior designers, and local photographers helping to capture video content and produce social media a deliverables through The Harmon Edit. More to come on this page!

I am excited to be sharing more of my life with you and am so glad you found me. Follow me on instagram @emerson.harmon to keep up with all things travel.


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